Eat that, Bush!

Adorei este artigo no Sydney Morning Herald. É pena os jornais nos EUA não terem tomates para um artigo destes. 🙂

THE torrent of criticism has been extraordinary. For most of the week, on virtually every radio station, Americans have heaped scorn on the Bush Administration.

Conservative radio shock-jocks have talked about organising demonstrations outside the White House. And on the ubiquitous cable television networks, even Fox News, the outpouring of alarm has not let up – indeed, it only increased after a shaken George Bush told Americans they had nothing to worry about.

Picture a potent mix of latent anti-Arab sentiment in America, growing concern the Bush Administration is dysfunctional and politically inept, and a sense that Mr Bush can no longer be trusted with national security. That is behind the furore over the approval of the takeover by an Arab company of terminals at six US ports.

E isso é só o início…

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