Ainda sobre discutir irracionalmente a realidade…

Cectic - Arguing with a believer


Um clássico do Cectic, apropriado para se seguir ao meu post Discussão, debate e afins. Para quem não perceba, o de amarelo pensa que está a jogar damas. 🙂

2 Comentários a “Ainda sobre discutir irracionalmente a realidade…”

  1. Sarita diz:

    Perdoa-me a resposta em ingres, mas o cartoon tá em ingres também e a mente assim reagiu.

    Actually, and unless one’s part of a debate team, people argue to find a better solution to a problem and I suppose that’s perhaps the most positive way of arguing, working towards a better end result, and for which therefore, rules are pretty much pointless – apart from respect, but that goes without saying.

    Now, you can also have arguing for the sake of arguing and that is more of a hobby; when one argues for the sake of arguing, then the end result is irrelevant, it’s the path there that matters.

    You can’t argue for the sake of arguing with someone who’ll argue in order to fix things and you can’t expect them to either have the patience or willingness to do so: “If it ain’t broke, it don’t need fixing!”

    I suppose each to their own seems to be the most appropriate solution 😉

    • As I said, there’s arguing about subjective things such as art, food, beautiful girls or sports teams. No rules. Then there’s arguing about whether global warming is real, the economy is going up or down, or whether God exists. Without one small rule (“reality is the final arbiter”), you’re arguing about nothing, and it’s indeed pointless.