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Curiosidades sobre a nossa data de nascimento

Sexta-feira, 27 de Março, 2009

Achei piada a isto.

Por exemplo, relativamente a um dia importantíssimo na década de 70:

Results for 25th July 1974 :

  • You were born on a Thursday.
  • Your star sign is Leo.
  • Your birthstone is Ruby.
  • The season was Summer.
  • You were born in the Chinese year of the Tiger.
  • The US President was Richard Nixon (Republican).
  • The UK Prime Minister was Harold Wilson (Labour).
  • You are 34 years 8 months 2 days old.
  • It is 120 days until your next birthday.
  • In dog years you are 238 years old.
  • You are 12,664 days old.
  • You are approximately 303,953 hours old.
  • You are approximately 1,094,230,532 seconds old.