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Terça-feira, 10 de Fevereiro, 2009


I am anger
Under pressure
Lost it cages
A prisoner
The first to escape
I am wicked
I am legion
Strength in numbers
A lie
The number is one

I – I – I
Everything that I see is for me
Yes, I am giant
I’m a monster
Breaking windows
In houses
Buildings of glass
Rebel rebel
Holy outlaw
Ride together
Don’t try it
The power’s in one
Heaven and Hell (2)

I – I – I
I am standing alone
But I can rock you

I – I – I
On the edge of the blade
But the knife can’t cut the hero down
I am virgin
I’m a whore
Giving nothing
The taker
The maker of war
I’ll smash your face in
But with a smile
All together
You’ll never
Be stronger than me

I – I – I
Right here on my own
But I still rock you

I – I – I
Don’t follow behind
Just leave me on the outside

I – I – I
I am standing alone
But I can shock you

I – I – I
On the edge of the blade
But no one makes the hero bleed
I am hunger
Feed my head
All together
You’ll never
Never make the hero bleed


— Black Sabbath, “I”, 1992

A minha música preferida do álbum “Dehumanizer”. Um hino ao indivíduo (injustamente atacado por uma sociedade colectivista que o vê como um monstro), e com um solo do Iommi de provocar arrepios.

Death – "To Forgive is to Suffer"

Domingo, 1 de Fevereiro, 2009

Estou com um dia de atraso em relação ao meu estado de espírito, mas enfim… mais vale tarde, e essas coisas.

Throughout our time a thought
Escapes us to enforce a word, no
Holding on to pain it may seem to some

The easy way to say OK, twist your
Knife a little deeper
Words so sharp actions dark
Hide the blade of the deceiver.

Enforce the words no more, be free
Alone you might just find serenity.

To accept another day
We choose to give away
Another piece of life

To forgive is to suffer

Once or twice is kind
Three or four is blind
It is not the end yet a way to begin
The power of words both good and bad

– Death, “To Forgive is to Suffer”, 1998