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Discussões, subjectividade e irracionalidade

Terça-feira, 27 de Outubro, 2009

Não, este não é sobre religião. 🙂

Quero apenas partilhar com os meus leitores — tu e aquele ali — parte de um comentário num post da Greta Christina, post esse, sim, sobre religião… mas o comentário, de uma “Maria”, não é sobre esse tema, mas sim sobre a frustração — bem conhecida por mim — de tentar discutir racionalmente com quem acha que uma discussão é apenas uma troca de opiniões totalmente subjectivas sem nenhuma base na realidade, e usa argumentos “new age” como “isto é verdade para mim, e pronto”.

Passo a citar:

One thing that really annoys me when I discuss things with people like that is that they treat all such discussions as a “getting along-process”. We are each supposed to give a little, and so if they agree on some things that I say, then can’t I agree on that there is an afterlife and that psychics can contact the dead? After all I can’t PROVE it’s NOT so! If I don’t, I am stubborn and a ‘know it all’. Especially with my friends I can’t really use all the arguments I have (things like you write about here on this blog) because they see discussing such things as exchanging subjective opinions about any given subject. If I don’t, if I insist that these are claims that are either true or not, I am not playing nice.

The other week I asked my friend, after a long and totally useless discussion, if it wasn’t reasonable of me to insist that I was right if someone else claimed that 2 + 2 = 5 and I know it’s 4? She thought it would be wrong of me to do that, because no matter how right I am (and she admitted I was) it’s TRUE FOR THEM! There is just no way around such a view of the world.

I think it’s this that makes the modern progressive and moderate religions, and the new age woo people so infuriating to discuss with on the whole. What they believe is ‘true for them’ and whatever anyone else believes is ‘true for them‘ – they think maximum tolerance and goodness lies in this assertion (after all, what could be nicer than allowing all people their very own reality?) and any attempt to discuss the objective is doomed.

It’s even more infuriating since they don’t actually live like that in their every day life. My friend is a nurse and would never insist, in her work, that any person can eat any medicine for any illness and still become well because it would be ‘true to them’. She will administer the right medicine to the right person like the responsible and very good nurse she is. She never use these idiotic arguments and conversation stoppers (stoppers at least if you want to keep the friendship) when we discuss every day stuff like what is the right answer to a question on a quiz show we are watching, or other every day practical things. But when ever the subject of beliefs, and the afterlife, and a soul, and watching stupid psychics on TV comes up (and believe me I avoid it as the plague) then suddenly, the ‘it’s true for ME’ is used to defend anything!